Lady in Blue

With A Blast : DIY Furniture Painting #diy  #furniturepainting
I have literally stared at this beauty for weeks!  I had an idea what I wanted to do and where I wanted to use her.  {yes, it’s a her!}  But, then, I got stumped, badly … had no idea of which direction I wanted to take.  The main problem was paint the bulk white and the trim etc blue, or the other way around ..?? And then also, WHAT color blue?  
Now, this lady and I had many, many discussions over the last couple of weeks  {of course, Roy and the kids think I had gone totally crazy … and yes, maybe I did}  I have never, ever talked to furniture until this one arrived – I think it might be because she is quite old antique, and I was scared to death of doing anything wrong {I know, there is paint stripper, blah, blah .. but still}.
Obviously she had a rough and tough life, looking at all the nicks and bumps, but one thing is for sure, this little cabinet was built to withstand a lot, not like the total rubbish which is available these days {and look at those prices !}. The hinges were still strong and sturdy, the small copper handle, dirty, but otherwise 100%, those cute little feet has ugly marks, but they’re still strong.
I opted to not fill every little hole or bump with a filler – I think she has the right to show the marks life had given her.  That does not mean she can not still wear a pretty dress color and show her true beauty, which I hope I managed here !
With A Blast : DIY Furniture Painting
A Quick Run-Down on the before:

1.) The day I got her, dirty, looking tired, but a beauty
2.) The Hinges still looks fine, besides being dirty
3.) Beautiful decorative handle  {am I using the right word here – “handle”?}
4.) One of the feet 
5.) An old type of “catch” – apparently these are not being used a lot these days {if at all} – this is in the top piece of the door
6.) One of the corners – few scratches, nothing major
7.) So sorry, this was a silly photo, but the only one I took – it is actually the corner of the trim on the top of the table at the back
At first, the main color would have been white, with a light blue trim – the above photo shows the light blue trim and the primer – looking at the white primer and the trim, I knew that was not what I wanted !
So, another week or two of staring and talking it over with her and we finally decided on a color and also which type of stencil was to be used !

With A Blast - DIY Furniture Painting
A very lively blue with Brilliant White trims and lightly stenciled on the top and the front {I used a dry brush for the stenciling}
With A Blast
The little handle all clean and shiny – we even used the old screws!

With A Blast
The top – I love the trim at the far back

With A Blast - painted clawfeet
No sanding/distressing this time round – I do think she deserves to be shiny .. at least for a couple of years, anyway.
With A Blast - Before/After Painted Nightstand
And a final look of the Before and After !
Let me have your thoughts on this !  I am so new to restoring painting furniture, I sure could do with any advice, suggestions or even if you know anything about the age of this piece.
Bye-bye now,
With A Blast
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31 thoughts on “Lady in Blue”

  1. You would never know you're new to painting! Your piece is soooo cute! Love the transformation! Hopped of from Inspire Me Please and I'm happy to be your newest follower (everywhere):) Would love to have you stop by for a visit! HUGS!!! ~ Judy

  2. Linda, I've been trying to get over here all day to look at your rehab. I love what you've done! I agree, she should wear her scars proudly.

    I'm looking at it…it looks so familiar..what was this built for originally? Is it an old "ice box"? I love it.

  3. Oh.My.Goodness!! You did a great job with her! I can only hope to do half as well when I do my first piece! I love the bright blue and white together. Keep this up and you'll be turning into a furniture blog girl! Did you enjoy doing it?

  4. Good Afternoon Linda, What a fabulous change, the blue is so vibrant. I would never have believed how it looked before you "set too" so I am so glad that you showed us the photographs.
    I am keeping this in mind for the future.
    Best Wishes

  5. Linda, this looks fantastic and the blue is beautiful! What a great job you did on this and thanks for sharing….happy Monday!

  6. That is so pretty! I am so itching to try my hand at redoing some type of furniture. Now, if only mines will come out as cute. I'm thinking that I need to do something that will go in my daughter's room. You really have me anticipating this….


  7. Fabulous job, Linda! I love the color. Great transformation!! I just pinned. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent! I hope you are having a wonderful week!! 🙂

  8. What a change 🙂 I love the fact that you didn't fill in her battle scars …. such a beautiful piece and lovely color! You almost wouldn't know it was the same piece of furniture!

  9. I luv what you did with her!! I have to agree with you on leaving some of her scars, I do that with anything old that I paint or refinish, only because I think it shows the furnitures true character…And old furniture has a lot of stories to tell…:o)

  10. Gorgeous! You absolutely made the right choice of colors and the stencils, the white trim really highlights her beauty, can't believe this is a 'first try'. Keep it up!

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