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The other day someone wanted to know whether there is a way to get your Pinterest Pin Count. Now, I have been checking mine for a few months using the link below.
I know one can usually see your pin count on the little gadget installed on your post, but some prefer not to have the count meter showing. It is also not reliable, as many pinners {I confess, I am one of them} use their bookmarklet in the toolbar to pin – that would not show on the counter.
Do remember though, that the count you will get from using the Pinterest Count link, will not include any re-pins that has been made.  I do hope Pinterest will get onto that, as it will be most interesting to see exactly how many of our posts are floating around, don’t you think?
But, for now, use THIS link to check the pin counts made directly from your site.  You will have to type in the full link to a specific post to get the correct results. – not your blog’s general URL.
Hope this will be of any help to you !


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17 thoughts on “Get Your Site’s Pin Count”

  1. Mine comes back with 4 pins LOL something is obviously not quite right with my button. Did you know that your site address for pinterest changes depending on the country eg I am a I have pins there, then I have pins under for NewZealand and so on. Try adding the .au to your site and it will give you another long story short, you probably have a lot more than you think !

  2. I highlighted the areas where it mentions that a specific post's link {the full URL of the post} should be entered and not a blog's address. Hope this will clear it up. {I put the same name on my post as the one Pinterest uses, which can be confusing – site opposed to post}. Let me know if anyone else has a problem checking their POSTS. Thanks guys !

  3. Good one Linda. I have scheduled a post with a link to this on my Blog Tips sub blog. Have a great week.

  4. Very neat! I didn't know! I also hope they come out with a way to track repins! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! I am visiting from Crafty Confessions!


  5. Hi Linda,
    Thank you so much for linking with my Wednesday Adorned From Above Blog Hop last week. I have listed your posting as one of my featured links for this week.

    You can grab the featured blogger button in my sidebar.

    Thank you again for participating, and the link party is opened for this week.

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