Charms Bracelet

Charms Bracelet - Easy DIY
I made this bracelet for Cheri – hopefully she will leave my very expensive jewelry for me to wear!
I have a lovely gold Charm Bracelet which I have added several charms to over time.  Cheri borrowed it one night … boo, when I saw it again – 2 charms missing!  She swears high and low that it wasn’t her who lost it…
Since she left school, my clothes disappears, my make-up was all over the place {and I mean ALL OVER – even at her friends house}, I do not wear cheap perfume, I would rather go without any – Cheri, again loves using mine and when that’s finished, she will kindly invite me to wear hers, … ugh – I have a slightly different taste in perfume than she does {or whatever her boyfriend buys}.
My make-up was replaced by my very thoughtful son, Dimitri – a whole set in an aluminium case! So, I gave her all my old make-up which, by the way, was already in her room.  The clothes … that’s another story still to be resolved…  I haven’t bought perfume for a while, so that’s not a problem now.
That brings us to jewelry – today’s post … this was so easy to make {besides the fact that I broke some finger nails, because I do not have the correct tools and therefore uses my nails!}.
This is what I have used:
Charms Bracelet - Easy DIY
2 Strings of Chain – measured around my wrist – leaving a small gap to play with.
7 Small rings
1 Clasp
5 Charms
Charms Bracelet - Easy DIY
I connected the 2 pieces of Chain by adding a small ring to each side
Charms Bracelet - Easy DIY
The Clasp followed – I slipped the Clasp into one of the rings at the end of one side of the chains – this will be used with the ring on the other side of the chain to close the bracelet
Charms Bracelet - Easy DIY
After I had done the Clasp, I started to slip a small ring through both the pieces of chain, together with a charm —– this step I repeated with more or less the same distances in- between and added the other charms.
Charms Bracelet - Easy DIY
Finished !  A nice bracelet for a teenager, which is cheap enough not to cry over when she loses it … and she will … for the time being, she should leave mine alone {one can only hope}


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  1. Ha quedado realmente bonita. Imagino que habrá quedado encantada. Tu publicación ha sido muy útil.
    Besos y feliz fin de semana.

  2. I love jewelry but still haven't attempted to make anything for myself. This could be a first go since it looks like something I could do. Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you next week.

  3. Linda, Thank you for joining Homa Style’s Simple Holiday Gift Idea Link Party. It’s hard to come up with new ideas for gifts and you helped with all your ideas. Thanks! Mark you calendar for the No Red Holiday Decor Link Party on Nov. 28. Plus the 12 Days of Christmas link party December 1st ~ 12th.

  4. What a great bracelet – love it! Pinned and loved. Thank you for sharing at MightyCrafty Mondays!

  5. Hi Linda,
    These are the cutest bracelets. They look pretty easy to make. I may try them for Christmas. Thanks for sharing with Adorned From Above.

  6. How funny! I never had the same taste in clothes, perfume or makeup as my teenage daughter did. I never understood why she liked my stuff!! Anyway…this bracelet is adorable and I love every charm on it! You did a great job with it girl!

  7. What an adorable bracelet! Thank you for sharing at The Weekly Creative link party. I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

  8. Oh daughters, (I'm assuming Cheri is your daughter, who else would take such liberties) what are we going to do with them! I think it's our fault as mothers, we are so trendy and well dressed! Really it's a compliment that they want to borrow all our stuff. This seems like a great solution – good luck!

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