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March 2, 2014

Coca-Cola Chalkboard

Coca-Cola Chalkboard ~ quick and easy kitchen craft ! #CocaCola #Chalkboard #ChalkPaint #MenuBoard #NoteBoard
 I few weeks ago I got the idea into my head to add some Coca-Cola goodies to my kitchen, which is mainly black and white at the moment. I have colors scattered all over, but it just does not seem right to me.

Since then I have been collecting items and prices from all the different stores {that is - written on a list - not actually buying anything yet} I thought I will start by making something small - put it in the kitchen and see if the Coca-Cola thing is really for me.

One of the things I had seen, was a Coca-Cola Chalkboard , but with a ridiculous price tag ! I kept thinking back to the chalkboard I had seen, and finally decided to try making my own. It is not 100% to my satisfaction, but that could be due to the limited arms movement I am battling with until I get the two surgeries. Simple things, like sanding down a lightly painted piece, has suddenly become almost impossible.

Anyway, here I have my Coca-Cola Chalkboard which cost me zero money, as I already had everything in my craft room.
Coca-Cola Chalkboard ~ quick and easy kitchen craft ! #CocaCola #Chalkboard #ChalkPaint #MenuBoard #NoteBoard
 A List of what I have used and in the order it has been used:

- Hardboard painted roughly with White craft paint
- Piece of Plastic Bottle Wrapper {the label around a 2lt bottle} - glued into place
- Rust-O-Leum Black Chalkboard Spray Paint
- Two coats of Hard Varnish {not shown - over the Label and the White painted areas
- Emty Coca-Cola can which I glued into place using my hot glue gun
- Small Piece of Black Plastic - supposed to look like the Cola is really pouring out the can
- String of Jute kept in place with two red Thumb Tacks

Finished and ready to be used as a note board or a menu

Coca-Cola Chalkboard ~ quick and easy kitchen craft ! #CocaCola #Chalkboard #ChalkPaint #MenuBoard #NoteBoard
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  1. This is ABSOLUTELY the cutest thing I have seen!!!! And so easy to make! I'm going to try this in my son's bedroom, instead of a boring chalkboard!!

  2. Oh that's very creative, what a fun idea...I am a coke zero drinker oh it's like black gold!

  3. This is so unique. I love it!!!

    I hopped over from the Sits Girls link up


  4. One of the things I really love about blogging is seeing how others find inspiration to make their own projects to save money. I love how you did that with this Coca Cola Chalkboard. Hope your recovery speeds up!

  5. It came out very cute, such a great idea!


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