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December 22, 2013

New Year Party Favors

DIY New Year Party Favors {made from empty cans - quick & easy !}

I love how these New Year Party Favors turned out !

And so easy to make. It literally takes minutes to make one:

DIY New Year Party Favors

I used a flattish empty tin can with a lid - wrapped some black tissue paper around with a simple silver lace ribbon and glued a {photocopied} clock face to the top of the lid - the lid is not 100% clear, hence on top and not inside ;-)

Added 2 clock arms cut out from a piece of black cardboard and ended off with a blue/silver bead in the center.

DIY New Year Party Favors

These can be used as Party Favors, a decoration or even noisemakers !

DIY New Year Party Favors


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  2. So creative! Thanks for sharing at Sunday Features!

  3. These are so beautiful and easy too! Great idea. Thanks for sharing it.


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