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July 12, 2013

Quirky Felt Clock

With A Blast: Quirky Felt Clock  {easy DIY}  #crafts #felt  #quirky #fun

I pinned a similar wall clock a while back, and knew I would make it soon. Every time I looked at the pic, I had to smile - it's just so different !

It took me about an hour to finish, so you can quickly make one if you have everything on hand.

I tried to find the original source but ran in circles - don't you just hate when that happens? Anyhow, HERE is the link to the image {scroll down to #12} I pinned if you'd like to take a peek at what caused my interest!

With A Blast: Quirky Felt Clock   (step-by-step)

Here is the quick rundown on how I made mine:

1.) You will need a piece of Felt / same size piece of Cardboard and a suitable picture {there are many on the internet} - sizes of the Felt & Cardboard is totally up to you.
2.) Trace the picture onto the Felt {draw on the side which will be the back} and cut it out carefully.
3.) Trace the same picture onto the same spot on the Cardboard and cut this out too {cut a little extra in order for none to stick out}
4.) Glue the Felt & Cardboard together - lining up the open cut-outs - glue the cut-out man as in pic 4 {hands to hands}
5.) Because my clock is so small, the battery piece of the clock mechanism stuck out under the opening.
6.) I made this clock for Dimitri's room and therefore used some leftover paint {the color he used on his walls} to paint the black piece of mechanism sticking out - it blends in well with the wall now. Lastly I added the clock arms and 4 small mirror mosaic tiles - for the 12 / 3 / 6 / 9 o'clock spaces.

I did not want to add any more detail to this, as I want the main focus to be on the hanging dude!

Do you think this looks funny or interesting? Hope I am not the only one that finds it a bit on the humor side ;-) Let me know what you think and whether you will make one {also where would you hang a clock like this! } 

With A Blast

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  1. I think it's so cool, how clever and fun!

  2. I love this clock! Just the picture of it in my email made me smile! What a fun project!

  3. That makes me laugh for some reason. So different and fun.

  4. Linda I'm loving this clock! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. What a fabulous clock - well done!

  6. That is a lovely clock. It makes one smile and somehow it would certainly remind me to do my exercises every day!:)

  7. Cool idea!!!Looks like designers goods!

  8. Love Pinspired projects! Very cute Linda


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