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June 29, 2013

Apricot Mousse

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This mousse is so light and fluffy and an all time favorite at our house.  It makes a huge dessert, easily 10 - 12 portions and quick to make prepare {note: it does take a few hours to set}

Years ago when I first bought the recipe book, Kortpadkos, by Annette Human, we basically lived by this book !  It is a complete recipe book, covering all kinds of meals and treats, using only 2 - 6 ingredients.

When I still worked full time, I really had almost no time to fuss around with difficult or time consuming recipes and also at that time, I did not know much about cooking anyway ! During the week I worked from 8am - 4:30pm and only got home around 6pm {always had to stop at the stores for this-or-that}. That did not leave me with much time, as I would walk in the door and Roy and the kids' first question : "what are we having for dinner" followed by "how long" - I know, there are many of you out there having these same conversations every day. 

Saturdays were also a no-no for trying out recipes - kids had sport every Saturday, so that took away at least the morning, but more often than not, the whole day.  That left me with only Sundays to do my exploring and trying out new recipes.

Point is, this book is falling apart due to the constant use, and I am still using it at least once a week.  The recipe which I am sharing today is from this book and I make it on a regular basis with only one or two small changes.

{other juice flavors work just as well ! }


{10 - 12 servings}

3 TB Gelatin, plain
1/3 cup Water, in a small bowl
1 can (410g) Evaporated Milk, chilled overnight
3/4 cup Sugar
400ml Apricot Juice
Mint leaves, to decorate  {optional}

1.) Sprinkle the Gelatin over the Water - once spongy, place in the microwave for 10 - 15 seconds until clear and dissolved - keep aside.
2.) Beat the Evaporated Milk until thick and foamy - add the Sugar in three batches, beating all the time - add the Apricot Juice - beat to combine.
3.) Add the dissolved Gelatin in a thin stream to the mixture - DO NOT STOP BEATING until everything is well mixed.
4.) Transfer the mousse to a large dessert bowl and chill until set  {3 - 4 hours}.

This is a very versatile recipe as you can change the flavors as you wish and everyone likes a mousse, especially after a heavy, rich meal.

I sometimes serve the mousse with fresh fruit on the side.


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  1. Look awesome Linda! I bet I could make this with about any flavor I had of juice!

  2. I love the idea of being able to make any flavor I wanted :) Another one of your recipes I need to try!

  3. This looks wonderful! I hope you will come share at this week's From the Farm Blog Hop hosted by 6 great blogs!

    Fresh Eggs Daily

  4. This would be a very special dessert. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a great week!
    Come Back Soon,
    Miz Helen


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