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April 23, 2013

Tongue In Cheek Tuesday #4

Right, first of,,,, I have no idea how I ended participating in this Tongue In The Cheek.  I could have blamed it on alcohol, but since I do not have more than a liqueur now and then ... well, obviously I can not use that excuse!

I have read some of the previous posts these lovely ladies have done, and must say, I enjoyed them thoroughly.  This months make-fun-of-yourself is about how you really dress when crafting.  Now, please remember, this is all just for fun and I hope you will enjoy the next bit and of course check out the other posts which will be linked up at the above hostesses blogs. {click the pic to see some more fun-making posts}

So here goes:

The above photo was taken at about 10am!  Yes, I am still in my PJ's - might get dressed today and I might not.....  By now, I did some blog stuff, decided on colors and some projects I had lined up and had my 4th or 5th glass of Coca-Cola for the morning.

You will also notice the bare feet almost blue on this cold Autumn's day - but I hate shoes, so you will rarely see me wearing shoes in and around the house.  You might hear a rude shout now and then when I'm walking in the garden and step on ??? ... normally I do not even notice exactly what I stepped on - too busy thinking up words that should really not exist!

Now, I am spending some time with Chichi, on my lap and puppy, Joe, trying to jump up.

Right before this pic was taken I had the housekeeper remove all my craft supplies from my one craft storage space - see below:  

Thought I took some more pics, but obviously didn't, but this is what my dining room looks like at the moment - we are changing furniture around and is about to paint an extra storage cabinet-thing where most of this will be moved to. Mostly office stuff ... where did she put my craft supplies ?????

I still don't see any craft supplies .. this is my tiny office corner, which now only comprises of a desk and a filing cabinet {under the desk} - the rest was dumped their a couple of days ago and needs to go to all different areas in the house ----- oops, I see Cheri's Tax papers under the stapler {think it was left there for my attention ..mmm,  I'll get to that sometime}

Talking about paint ... mmm, whilst playing with the doggies, I remembered we had to get paint and some other stuff from the builders suppliers store - so, yes, I got dressed {sort of!}.

I am dressed, but never mind that for now, I had just seen the bar stools in the back, packed with some of my actual craft goodies in the passage{sorry about the pics quality}.

Dressed {DIY blogger way - okay-ish dressed, but no make-up, because really, I do not think I'll encounter Richard Gere in the store today}....... wonder if I combed my hair ....??

I had a quick look outside and even though the sun is shining {only JUST} it is bitterly cold !  Now, I am having second thoughts... back into my PJ's or do I want to finish two, wait..three of my projects?

The DIY-er in my won and we went to get what was needed.

An hour or two later and guess what!?!  I am back in my PJ's {hey, it's cold and these PJ's are really comfy, especially when painting and sewing - yes, that's what I did a bit later}. Just before I took the shot of my reflection in the laptop's screen, I was wondering what the heck else I could add - well, I ended up taking the above photo, just to prove to you that I was out of my "street clothes" and back in my comfies by ... around 13:00.

Last but not least - do you wanna see what my PJ's top says?

Yep!  Kind of my motto in life !   

Thanks to all the hostesses, and especially to anyone reading this boring, eyesore, bad photos post - I only wish I decided to do this a week or two ago, as I would have had much more to share !  



  1. LOL Linda - this is hilarious - if I had any second doubts about co - hosting this party - they've completely flown out the window!!!!!!!
    I LOVE your leopard pj's, you stylin' crafting mama you!
    Thanks so much for joining in the fun!
    You're worried about Richard Gere
    I'm worried about Anthony Bourdain lmho
    Big hugs,

  2. Haha, those chicks on soap operas live in their lingerie you could be mistaken for on of them, just gorgeous!

  3. Well, of course you're in your PJs at 10:00!!!! Isn't everyone?? Haha!!!


  4. Linda...I love you for doing this! You are awesome! and really...runway perfect in those stylin jams!! I want a shirt like that! I'm pretty sure the first rule of crafting is you must wait until at least 10a.m. to make that vital decision on "should I get dressed today?"! I'm forwarding this post to Richard Gere's peeps! You are your pj's and in the blog world! Oh..and funny about the link party notation!! LMBO!

  5. Every wild and crazy blogger should own at least one pair of animal britches. Yes I have leopard too. I should of included them in my TICT.

  6. I've taken to calling my pj's 'loungewear'. It sounds more acceptable, yes? And I learned about 'earthing' today, which makes walking around barefoot (outside at least)not only acceptable, but encouraged. Yay.

  7. haha - I had a PJ day today and so did the kids! I also have that "did I brush my hair?" thought most days! Love it!

  8. I rarely wear shoes...and am always stepping in...err...on stuff. 10 am sounds just about right to get dressed...or 2 pm. I'm not picky.

  9. Love those leopard PJ's! Got to get me some of those. I'm a bare foot gal too, escape when I'm chopping firewood. lol.

  10. I have similar leopard jammies and I'll tell you that I save them for company. They are really that special. Even Richard Gere worthy! I hope you have an extra pair for him.

  11. In the summer, there Iare days I never get out of my PJs! Thanks for linking up from the other side of the world!

  12. Could you send the housekeeper over to drag out my craft supplies too? Too funny!

  13. There is just something about writing a self deprecating post - it's hard to get too excited about the photos! I didn't even watermark mine. Some of them I didn't even stand still to take. I love those pajamas and if it makes you feel any better it is spring here and it snowed today.


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