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April 6, 2013

L-Shaped Desk From Scratch

On we go to the next completed project for Dimitri's new bedroom. He asked me to make him an L-Shaped desk and showed me where he wanted it in the room.

The only other request : it had to be pitch black !  Other than that, he did not mind what or how I did it.

For the two desk tops I used these old shelves {pictured below} which used to be in my old craft room:

My humble apologies for the bad photo - we already took it down and thrown it into the tiny bathroom when I remembered to take a pic !  Now, these weren't shelves when they started off - I used to work at an engineering/architectural company who made school chalkboards, whiteboards {dry erase boards} and a multitude of other vitreous enamel and melamine products.

So, one day, I put in an order for myself - I wanted swing doors {saloon type} separating my kitchen and dining room with special hinges and the lot.  I just gave them my sizes {that's where I learned that no matter what you make every millimeter counts !}, which hinges I wanted, blah, blah ... see,,,, these "shelves" used to be swing doors at a time as well - they are now on their third mission !!

Above you can see the two shelves and one of the four wall brackets {two per shelf} which held them in place in my craft room. We decided to keep the same brackets.

This is what we did:

- Painted the old shelves, now desk tops, black (Roy used his compressor spray gun doing this}
- Built a bookshelf to fit in under the one desk top ... to do this, I had wood cut the same width as the desk {four pieces - one for the top, one for the bottom and two for shelves}, and another two lengths for the sides. The whole unit were also spray painted in the same black as the desk tops, to give it a look of uniformity.
- As you can see in the following pic, Roy made some minor cut-outs to fit around the floor skirting, as I wanted the bookshelf flush to the wall.
- The desk tops were fitted to the wall using the brackets as mentioned above and we also added a wooden leg, which we cut ourselves {also painted the same black}to the other end for more stability.

Here you can see what has been put where.  Dimitri was not home when I took these photos, therefore I only placed a few things here and there.  The PC monitor and the keyboard are my old ones, now Cheri's, the desk letter tray, desk caddy and chair are all recent crafts of mine, for this room, which you can find links to at the end of my post. The red/black table lamp belongs to Dimitri, as does the framed photo on the bottom bookshelf.

Lastly, to add some more red, I placed a small  Ferrari on the middle shelf - this belongs to Roy {he once mentioned that it would be nice to own a Ferrari ! ... and, he got his wish .. I bought him a miniature!}At the time, he did not think that was funny at all .. lol.. but now, he loves his little car.

We'll see what the room looks like when it is all done and Dimitri has his own stuff placed wherever he wants it.  For the moment, we are busy {just about done}, with the LINDA custom made Headboard, which I think you will find ... uhm,,, let's say "interesting" !  And some cubes must go onto the wall, a place for his clothes, I'm thinking of a small swing-type bed stand/table, his WWE framed posters must go up as well as some other art work,,,,, you get the idea - we still have lots to do !


Ciao for now,

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  1. Oh wow! I love this! I already pinned it and showed it to Sam! Way to go Linda! Also, love that you got Dimitri a mini Ferrari!!

  2. Great job with the desk! L shapes are so much easier to work with!

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  11. Good job, Linda!! I love L-shaped desks in corners like that. It feels so cozy. And roomy! Love that you are coming over to visit me. Your friend, Linda

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