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March 17, 2013

Ordinary Sights in South-Africa !

This is a photo heavy post! Many people have asked me to share photos about ordinary life in South-Africa. Well, I decided to share the most ordinary there is - photos about our immediate area. {that is from our house to the crazy busy Boksburg, which has become a popular shopping area, during the past decade or so,  with it's many,many shopping malls and almost every kind of store you need something from.

We were one our way to do some shopping at our local Builders Warehouse and some surrounding stores. Dimitri decided he wants to move into the outside room. We fixed up this room {with a small bathroom} last year when Jacobus moved in, but of course Dimitri wants to do things his way.

Totally okay by me - I love shopping with someone else's money ! Why did we have to go? Because it is his first encounter with a hardware store .. that is, buying paint, type of flooring and all the little thingies one always need to change a room {Besides, I have to build something for him - as per his order, of course! and for that I need to see what is on offer, what will work and is the cheapest way}

That's the chit-chat - now on to the photos , with maybe just a few words added with each.

Now remember: I am not sharing the "great and lovely" things in SA - that is easy to Google ! This is plain, every day sights ....

Not a sunny SA today - overcast and one can already feel Autumn in the air!
Once, at the end of our street and you turn left, there is a bridge which, during heavy rain times can get you in trouble if your car is water sensitive, as the rain causes a deep and long puddle on the one side  {bad drainage}

A view from going down the other side of the bridge - the low-cost housing area on the left.

Low-cost housing entrance on the left and to the right is the entrance to newish built apartments and some more houses - straight ahead is yep, an old mine and when the wind gets mad... I'll just say we have dust EVERYWHERE within a 5 kilometer radius.

Some beside the street wheelings and dealings - you can stop here for a quick haircut!  or buy some car tires! and I see a new ??? there as well  

After driving through a suburb we had to stop for petrol {why is the car always empty the once in a blue moon when I decide to tag along?!}

Oh, hello !  Here Dimitri stops next to us - seems to run in the family ... cars always on empty {Because of the various things we had to get, we used both cars}

In case you are thirsty - get a drink in the shop or some fresh burgers, pies sweets and just the normal stuff people get from a filling station ,,,, or you can head over to the right {not in this pic} and have a sit down meal or take away at the Wimpy.

Our petrol attendant for the moment - very cheerful guy by the name of Innocence {he was quite happy for me to take a pic of him!}

Our main destination - and also the place I can spend hours in!  Builders Warehouse !!

The tile/floor department is in it's own separate building - right here we have 3 car-guards in the immediate area of our car {plus the one in the previous pic! - not sure which one is looking after our car though - we'll see when heading out again ... the one running towards you for his tip, well, he is the one that looked after your car}

Oh, Hello again to my other kid, Cheri!  They were just a few kilometers away at the huge indoors flea-market {EAST RAND TRADERS which usually offer live entertainment on Saturdays and Sundays - draws thousands of people - you can get most anything from here} - a quick stop to get something from her

After our shopping in Boksburg area, we are heading back towards home and some other stores for the last couple of things
The following photos are not good quality as we did not stop at these road side traders {road is very busy, and once we stop, Roy knows I'll probably get out and have a look around which means "wasting time"}

Above: garden reed screens, dog kennels and uhm... looks like something with a door opening and a small window?  No idea what that is !

More garden screens - some picket fencing and of course the ever popular clothing hangers - you will NEVER run out of hangers in SA - there are traders all-over selling them

Right, I wish I had a better pic here, as this is some good stuff!  To the left at the back - garden table/bench sets and to the right - all sizes and types of wooden/basket bedside tables {or where ever you would use something like that} Front - plastic blow up toys

More dog kennels and a garden table/bench set and I think some fruit ... {to the right}

Road side advertising for someone who does repairs to thatch roofs - see..MR THATCH REPAIRING he usually has some grass propped up with his board to let you get the message clear

That's about it !  Nothing overly exciting - just a normal day  {No, did not see any Lions running wild - I am really checking and looking for one {sarcasm speaks here !  I get at least 2 "searches"  a day which is more or less in the line of  areas to avoid lions in SA}, but in my few decades of life in SA, I have only seen them in the Nature Conservations or the Kruger National Park !

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  1. What a great post Linda! I love seeing what life is like where people live. I was amazed at the car guards and tried to imagine our stores having them. (Guess we're lucky there.) Funny about the hangars! I had to laugh about the lions. When we lived in Montana, it was 3 years before I saw a bear in the wild...but it was always the first thing people asked about. Great pictures and so fun to see! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Can't believe you guys still have petrol attendants, I wish. Self serve everything now.

    I love this post Linda it's lovely to see "an ordinary" day somewhere else.

  3. How very interesting to see how things are in a typical day for you :) I wish we had petrol attendants here in the States :) Most places are self-serve here! I think it's cool Innocence let you take a picture of him! I have never heard of car guards - but think there are some places here that could definitely use them! (My previous city for one!) Lovely to see Dimitri and Cheri :)


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