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March 14, 2013

Google READER to FEEDLY {an option}

Right, so this morning we all open our Google READERS and there is a message :


Read the article HERE

My first thought was "Oh no!  ... Most of the blogs I follow is through Google reader..."  What was your reaction?

Anyhow, after stressing a bit, I found FEEDLY which some {or even most of you} already know. Well, Feedly is totally new to me, but I had gone ahead and checked it out.  Now, I am silly stupid when it comes to these tech-type of stuff.  {Yeah, even "readers" are tech stuff to me!}

What I can tell you, is that I was pleasantly surprised !  I checked to see how many unread posts I had in Google READER, then I installed Feedly which you can do HERE, it only took a few minutes, and up it was ... showing all my unread posts {as per Google READER, 100% corresponding} - yep, it was that easy.

On the same page as the installation - look lower down for NOTE 1 - you will find some tips and how to personalize your Index.

The outlay on my HOMEPAGE initially threw me a little, but you have options, but let's start at the very beginning:

1.) Go to the link  HERE - follow the instructions {below are some of the important points}
2.) Make your choice Chrome/ Firefox / Safari  or one of the others
3.) Feedly will now do the intallation/transitioning  {does not take long}
4.) Once on your "HomePage" it will look a little like a magazine
5.) Look on the left hand side of the screen towards the bottom - see PREFERENCES - now click there and choose how to customize to your own preferences

There are other goodies to choose from i.e. THEME / INDEX / HISTORY  in addition to the PREFERENCES.

NOTE :  I am leaving my Google READER as is for the moment, whilst running the FEEDLY as well  {I like to check on things and see whether all really goes as it should}

I have shared this only to give you an option, I have no idea whether this would turn out to be the best option in replacing Google READER, or not.  In turn, I would absolutely love to hear from you, especially if you know or find something better, or even have additional information on FEEDLY {I am on CHROME}.

The one thing I could not find {YET} is some kind of gadget/widget/plug-in which can be displayed on our blogs for readers to use as a new way to follow.  I have gathered that all the current {and I take it any new followers on GFC} automatically gets transitioned to the FEEDLY system.  

I suppose, for now, one can make a little button yourself, with a link to your blog and readers can follow that way....

For now, I am happy to test the FEEDLY option, until one of the more tech-savvy people will have some more choices for us to test.

Let me know how you feel about saying bye-bye to Google READER.

Have BLOGLOVIN ??  You can import blogs from Google READER to BLOGLOVIN ! {Have a look on your Bloglovin homepage}

Ciao for now,

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  1. Thanks so much! I need to read through this again. I had my own little panic attack when I saw that Reader was going away. It is the only reader I use. I'm so glad you and one other person told me about Feedly. I hope it works out.
    I would love if you would share this at my link party.
    Take care,

  2. Thank you so much, I was wondering what to do next, I am going to check this out!

  3. Will definitely check this out Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  4. Linda
    Thanks for sharing this easy to follow tutorial!
    I found you today at G'Day Saturday's Linky. I hope you can stop by my blog and say hello, too.
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  5. Oh u have no idea how useful this post is to me. I was not at all ok with Google discontinuing it n I was at a loss.....thank you. Is that also why the "join this site" does not work anymore or its just me?

  6. Great tutorial to put everyones mind at ease if they haven't found their readers yet! Thanks for linking up to Showy Sunday over at

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I will definitely check out Feedly! Ginger

  8. I'm like you, i'm not terribly techy. I set up feedly but have no personalization option at all. I've googled lots on the subject & it should be there.... but it's not. weirdest thing ever. I'd like it more if I could actually change my preferences!


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