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February 22, 2013

Floral Easter Marshmallows

Floral Easter Marshmallows
A Quick post for this morning ... Dress up a marshmallow for Easter or a Spring party!

These cuties give you a bite of soft marshmallow, crisp chocolate and crunchy sugar.  And of course the little flowers as well...

This is what you need:

White Chocolate, melted
Green Sugar        {make your own - mix white sugar with a drop of green food coloring, stir well and use}
Ready-made Icing Flowers {the tiny ones}

- Using a lolly pop stick {or even a sharp knife} stuck into one side of the marshmallow, dip in the melted White Chocolate .. hold over the bowl and twist around in order for all the excess chocolate to drip off.
- Roll in a separate bowl/plate of Green Sugar
- The chocolate should still be wet enough for the small Flowers to stick to the top .. if not, add another drop of melted chocolate and put your flower in place.
- Chill for a few minutes until set.

I placed some raffia in cupcake liner clear tops and added a Flowery Marshmallow to each.

Easy and quick.

Bye-bye now,


  1. Oh pretty! You're desserts are always so fun

  2. Thanks for sharing an awesome project with us! Come by again next week and share another cool project with us!

    Have a great week!
    Susie @bowdabra


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