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April 8, 2012

Saying Goodbye To Our Doggies

I  Started this blog with a lot of motivation, checking out all the in's and out's.

But, Tuesday morning, the 3rd of April 2012, something so horrible happened, I'm still trying make any kind of sense of it.

Five of our Doggie children were poisoned with something called "Two-Step". Demon, our feisty, Jack Russell was killed as well as Roy's apple of his eye, Peki. In my first post I included a photo of Peki.

The three others (all maltese) were hospitalised for different periods of time.  (Teddy, Jason & Freddy)  We actually had to take Freddy back the next day, because he got re-infected when he ran outside onto the pavement. He just sniffed, and got poisoned.

This was after Roy had already sprayed, cut and resprayed the garden (as per the vet's instructions) and looked everywhere for any traces. Shows you how immensely strong this poison is.

We were burgled a week and a half before all this happened and neither us nor the dogs heard anything... so, I'm trying to understand ... why afterwards, why???

Our lives have changed to a 180 degree. We do not laugh anymore, we're not interested in food, we do not enjoy our normal daily stuff.  No celebrations for Easter. The house and the yard is empty, our LIVES are empty. I'm not only talking about Roy and myself, but my kids, Dimitri & Cheri as well. (Demon was Cheri's dog, and she was always so proud of him - he would have given his live for any one of us...and it seems he did just that).

The surviving 3 Malteses and my little girl, Chichi, (Fortunately she was inside at the time of the poisoning) are totally lost. Even though Teddy, Jason & Freddy loved living outdoors before, they would now not leave the house unless Roy or myself go out with them. Demon was their leader...they have no clue as to what's happening.  Chichi runs to the door whenever a car stops outside, she's waiting for her little bro Peki.

At the moment we take it day by day (I know, people say "it was dogs, not people") but to us they were our little children. We do not get much sleep as Roy sleeps a few hours and then he sits watch. Because he doesn't sleep regular hours now, the doggies also don't - and again they do not understand.

I know this post is quite long, but at the moment I really do not feel like carrying on with this blog. Suddenly it seems like a waste of time and effort as I can not think about anything other than what killers did to my little ones.

If I could only tell those killers how much they have changed our lives, try to show them the heartache they caused, but that's not going to happen and I doubt someone like that will even care.

We've lived in this house for 18 years and nothing as bad as the last two weeks have ever happened here. (There were more burglaries in our street since ours were burgled).

I still hear Demon barking, scratching when he found a rat or mouse in the garden, I still feel him with me when I go hang the washing, I still hear him plunging into the pool (he swam summer and winter)....

Of course I miss Peki just as much, but the pain I see in Roy's eyes and hear the break in his voice ... that is too much. Peki was spoilt, rotten, but with his little face and big eyes, no-one could ever say no to him. We sit and yes, we also hear him asking to either come into the house or to go outside, Roy does not use his new food bowl for the other dogs, it's just sitting there where Peki had his first and last dinner in this bowl. That last dinner... I'll never forget it, Roy made Spaghetti Bolognaise, and while Peki was eating he kept looking back at Roy, as if to say "thank you - this is nice", his little face was full of sauce...

I thank anyone who read this, it was just a way for me to do ... what exactly?? I do not know myself...