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December 9, 2012

Tiny Kitchen Decoration

A small Christmas decor piece for one of the counters in my kitchen {which has been totally neglected in the way of festive decorating}

I have a nice big window with a long windowsill which will be perfect for decorations, but I have not decided what to do there yet. Therefore, just to bring in some festive cheer into the kitchen, I made this small 10 minute craft.

From left to right: I filled a jam serving dish's base with Epsom Salts, sprayed a little non-permanent adhesive {I want to use the jam dish for it's intended use again ..!} on the bottom rim and sprinkled with more Epsom Salts. Next I used a stronger adhesive on a tiny cone and covered it with green feathers.

Lastly, I placed the little tree in the "snow" - added two golden beads and arranged the base with the small cloche and an angel ornament straight onto the counter.  This is out of the way, but visible, and easy to move when cleaning.

10 Minutes - that is all it took and there is at least one cheery spot in the kitchen now ... to start with, I should say !

*** My Matches Holder is seen in the background which you can see how I made it HERE

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