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December 16, 2012

Dipped & Glitter Candies

Not enough time to make a special candy tray ..?  Use store-bought candies and dress them up !

This is what I have on my tray:

Kit Kat Dipped Fingers

Break the Kit Kat into fingers - dip into melted white chocolate and roll in chocolate/mint sprinkles - drizzle some more white chocolate over the "top" half of the Kit Kat finger - chill to set.

Caramels dipped in Chocolate & Candies to top

Use any soft caramel {or toffee} cubes - dip into melted dark {or white} chocolate - place on wax paper - add an appropriate {to the occasion} candy to the top while the chocolate is still melted - chill to set. {The insert shows the caramel's center}

Glittered Chocolate Disks

Melt white chocolate - pour into a round shallow disk chocolate mold - chill until half set{3-4 minutes} - remove from refrigerator - place a stencil over the chocolate and dust with edible glitter {see next pic - I used disks from my cookie maker set} - chill until fully set - remove from refrigerator, turn the mold over and tap very lightly until the chocolate slides out.

The disks from the cookie maker fitted perfectly over the chocolate disks and it is slightly raised, therefore - no touching the half set chocolate.

Use what you have on hand - anything edible can be dipped, not only pretzel sticks and the like, look for cute candies to go with whatever sort of celebration.

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