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November 11, 2012

Blue Necklace with Pendant

This was so easy to make - a little harder than I first thought when I saw something similar in an IDEAS Magazine, but never the less, easy and I found it so relaxing.

The picture I saw in the magazine,  only had 6 embroidery threads and no pendant, so I had to give it a try, but with my own spin !

Look at the "Pendant" - I think it is so is entirely clear, but was difficult to photograph, {see further down what I used !} - beading stores sell caps of some sort that would have made the Pendant look even nicer {that is a little cap which acts as a little connector to the top piece of the pendant}, but as I started making the necklace my eye caught something I bought, for another craft,  and I only then decided to add it as a Pendant.

I really love playing around with these simple and easy DIY jewelry.  Before I go crazy and buy a bunch of beads, chains, connectors, tools...the list is quite long, so blah blah, ..I first want to make sure this is not just a whim that will come and go as it sometimes does with me being me!

This is all you need:

1.) Small rings - double or single type {I used double as I have a lot of them}
     3 Different Colors of Blue {or any other color} Embroidery Thread
2.) My "Pendant" .. yes, I used a Christmas Tree decoration ! There were 2 in the pack
3.) I decided to take off the silver "cap" piece as it was just a tad too Christmassy for a necklace

Step-by-step how I made my necklace:

1.) Use 5 threads of each color - the lengths depend on how long you would like it to hang, but cut it about 1/3 longer than the length you want it to be, as a few knots are made throughout and every knot takes a bit of thread away from the final length, this necklace must fit over your head as there is no clasp, it gets knotted at the ends.

2.) Make a knot using all 15 threads as one at the one end. Start threading your rings through, I did all 15 pieces of Embroidery Thread at the same time by twisting/turning the threads to fit into the rings, 5 rings between knots - you can use more or less (after each knot, the end which you use to thread will have tiny length differences, cut away to the same size again, otherwise threading will become difficult).

3.) Threaded the 5 rings, and the I made a knot, again using all 15 strands of thread as one piece.

4.) Thread another 5 rings after the knot. 

5.) Make another knot and repeat - either keep this up until your necklace is finished or decide where you want to fit in the Pendant... I tried to be precise but that's where I have a problem with patience!

6 , 7 , & 8.) Once you decide where the Pendant must go, make a knot, add a small ring into the knot, and attach a larger ring to the small ring - thread through the Pendant - I was lucky, this Christmas ornament already had a hole where the string used to be. Finish the other side of the Pendant with knotting and threading through more rings.

9.) Once you have the correct length, and it fits over your head, simply double-knot the two ends together {if you want to be smart you can add rings and a clasp}

Took me less than 40 minutes !

Ciao for now,

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  1. So lovely your necklace!!! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! I'd love for you to visit my blog.
    Happy week!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. You are so talented, Linda! I love that you used a Christmas decoration for the pendant! :)

  3. Love this - so elegant! Thank you for sharing at MightyCrafty Mondays!


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