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October 16, 2012


I mentioned Vetkoek to a couple of my bloggy friends a few times, and as most of you are not in or from South-Africa, most of you do not know about this delicious traditional BREAD of ours.

It is not really a bread, but is made from normal White bread dough.  I do not like kneading {even though I have a bread machine !}, therefore I mostly buy mine, ready-made, from our favorite Vetkoek Take-away restaurant.  One can find kneaded bread dough from  most of our larger supermarkets as well. These I have used before and made it the same way as I am describing to you below.

{I can however, make easy and quick little ones, but the taste is by far not the same}.

***This is most definitely not the same as soft pretzels in some countries - I have made a few recipes, and there are no similarities at all***

A Vetkoek can be used in any way which you will a sandwich, as a hamburger "bun", or any savory {OR sweet} fillings.

In the above photo I have made a Curry Beef Mince with Vegetables filling, which is a very popular way to use Vetkoek.

Right, if you want to make your own VETKOEK you will need:

1.)Your favorite White bread dough, kneaded and risen to the point at which you would normally bake it
2.)Oil for deep fry
3.)Any kind of filling

Break off pieces of dough (start with smaller pieces rather than larger if this is a first for you), flatten the pieces slightly - deep-fry in medium hot Oil ... if the Oil is too hot, the outside will brown too quickly and the inside will still be raw.  Again, this is something you will have to test yourself.

Once it is fried, the Vetkoek, when sliced open, will not have the fine texture of bread, but instead will look like it has a lot of air bubbles/holes.

Here is a photo of a batch we bought from our Vetkoek take-away restaurant - they are much, much bigger than the ones we normally make at home.

Okay, so there's our VETKOEK - so very, very South-African !

Next time you bake a bread, break off a piece of dough and make a Vetkoek - see what you think... I can almost guarantee you will like it  ;-)

Ciao for now,

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  1. Fried dough? HA! I love it already :) Pinning this to try too!!

  2. Vetkoek - I've never heard of it, but it does sound like Indian Fry Bread. Sounds delicious!!


  3. I've never heard of this but it looks good.

  4. As a fellow South African (now living in Namibia) Blogger I almost fell over when I saw your link on a very american link party :) I LOVE vetkoek!! had it for supper last night ;)

  5. This looks so good. I love trying recipes from other countries. Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you next week.

  6. Thank you for sharing all your delicious recipes at Cast Party Wednesday. Have a GREAT week! ~Sheryl @ Lady Behind The Curtain~

  7. Had these in the American Southwest as Indian Fry Bread -- but my mother used to make the best! She called them Dough Gobbies! Thanks for sharing on Busy Monday.


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