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October 25, 2012

Doily & Stone Candle Holder

I am sure you recognize this clear box ..??  It is the box that FERERO ROCHER Chocolates are sold in!

Dimitri gave me a box of this delectable chocolates as an extra to my main Mother's Day gift this year.  Of course, I could not just throw it away .. a little sentimental on the one side and it is a box asking to be re-used, right...

You know I am still busy with my master bedroom ..{oh, did I have the most ghastly outcome with my wardrobe doors...ugh, not now - I might share this mess of a project one day}, anyway, the bedroom has a beach theme - I think this little candle holder will go well with the room, ...or maybe I will give it as a gift to someone.

I share this as another project which you can easily make as a gift for Christmas, birthday or for yourself.  

Without the bow and ready to use:

And when not in use - cover with the clear lid:

Okay, this is what I used to make this:

- Empty Ferero Rocher Chocolate box
- Paper Doilies
- Spray Adhesive
- Craft Varnish / Mod Podge
- Applicator for the Craft Varnish (I used a small round sponge)
- Ribbon & Glue
- Glass sea-life ornaments

And lastly - small stones - available from craft shops

1.) I have cut the doilies to fit where I wanted them - sprayed them with Spray Adhesive and pasted them, in this case more towards the bottom but with the decorative side upwards.
2.) Once the adhesive was dry, I gave the box two coats of Craft Varnish at 20 minute intervals.
3.) I then added a piece of ribbon all round using standard all purpose glue.
4.) Added small stones - 2 float type candles (tea-light will work as well) and a glass sea ornament. 

That is it for my own use - if you are making this as a gift, just add a nice bow / ribbon or an extra sea ornament glued to the lid.

Instead of small stones, sand can be used.  Or you can make your own theme.

This is just to give you an idea of a nice personal homemade gift.

I am doing several gift idea projects at the moment, and will pass them on to you as I actually FINISH each one.  My mind is in a spin right now with all the ideas ... I'll start one thing, think of something else and before I know it - there are 5 to 10 projects halfway done !

I was going to share a similar doily/jar candle holder but the jar I wanted is gone - well, I suppose just misplaced ;-)  not GONE.

Ciao for now,

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  1. Those are some good boxes - cute idea!

  2. Una idea muy original y bonita.
    ¡Saludos y feliz día!

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Linda! I love this!! You've inspired me to try it! You are so clever!!

  5. New follower came from Bloggy Girls Club...cute idea

  6. You have the most creative ideas - love this! Pinned and loved. Thank you for sharing at MightyCrafty Mondays!

  7. I came over to see this post after seeing Danni's knock-off. Love this gift idea of yours.

  8. I had to come see what the container was...Danni's talking good about you over at her place, you know. :)


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