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September 9, 2012

Laundry Reveal

Lots of pics again! We built this room onto the side of our kitchen to serve as a laundry as well as doing the dishes.

All our cleaning materials, brooms, vacuum cleaner and other household goods are stored here - therefore, it is not really only a Laundry.

As you can see in the photo above, I have two washing machines (both top-loaders) - the one in the corner might seem in an odd place, but it is only being used by me twice a week. This is used solely for washing Roy's work clothes - the man is attracted to oil and such.. The other machine is used by all of us - each of the kids does his/her own washing, hence the lack of baskets and the like. One person goes in, does the laundry, hang outside or tumble dry, folds and put away.

We have a rail for hanging clothes, while folding is being done on top of the tumble drier.

The walls have only been given a primer after it was built, only recently did Roy built a sort of cover for the back of the washing machines - to hide all the pipes etc.

A photo of the sink and the counter top (see the green basket..? - that is the counter we temporarily put dirty dishes, and when it's time to do dishes, one only needs to take it from the counter and vice versa when putting away clean dishes - this way there is no need to walk all round and into this area all the time)
This is also ideal to "hide" dirty dishes from guests as the laundry is on a lower level than the kitchen !!

This is a photo I took standing in the kitchen, about to enter the laundry - yep, see that corner? everything just got dumped there (Picnic stuff, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, brooms and heck knows what else) Note: the window is not even finished yet and we started building in 2009..

We also keep the freezer {which we only use during December/January} here. It was bought as second-hand as I could not justify a brand new freezer which would only be used for 6 weeks a year. We use the refrigerator (with a large freezer compartment) for our everyday freezing needs which is mainly ice-creams and ice.

Because the freezer is quite old, the trimming has yellowed on top and on the handle - plastic, yes, so I spray painted it black using Rust-O-Leum for Plastics. I added some flowery stickers to soften the look a bit (this was sealed with two covers of Rust-O-Leum Sealant).

The walls was painted with the same light grey as the kitchen, but this time I chose plain (a bit larger size) white porcelain mosaics as a strip (150mm high) on the walls.

The two cabinets against the wall, is from the kitchen - if you've read my post (if not, you can read about it HERE ) regarding our kitchen make-over, you'll notice these are the two we removed from the kitchen in order to move the fridge and install the GROCERY SLIDER .

Remember this metal shelf we had in the kitchen?

That's it - above left (I used to store my small appliances on this 5 tiered shelf - but I wanted to put these appliances in a closed cabinet as it got dusty very quick) Again, due to the Grocery Slider I was able to use my freed-up cabinets for storing my small appliances. Center photo - I made some simple curtains for the front and sides and the photo on the right shows how Roy bent the drawers in half to make space for tall items (Broom, Vacuum cleaner) on the right and we still have drawers left to pack all the other stuff which used to be thrown into the corner.

I'm not entirely happy with the wall socket so "open" but as Roy said - just hang something on a coat hanger.. lol - but now and then we need to iron something and that is the best place for the plug to go

I asked Roy to build a "top-piece" on top of the pipe-cover box. He did this by using double sided white Melamine board again, and for the "frame" we used floor-skirting which I first spray-painted white with Rust-O-Leum for Wood and then I used my zebra pattern stencil and just lightly sprayed a black pattern over the white. Same stickers as I used on the freezer, sealed twice again.

I wrote a post about the two framed and decorated prints which you can find HERE with links to the printables.

A closer look - the two steel "baskets" hold our fabric softener, liquid washing detergents (I don't like powders), bleach and whatever else is normally used when doing laundry. Bottom shelf and upper shelf, middle, are tea-light holders and the two with the wires for hanging are Citronella candles (for the mozzies) On top I planted some Violets in three pots which I bought at a bargain price back in June.

Standing in front of the sink, you can see into the kitchen over the counter top. The whole area around the sink has been covered with the Mosaics and sealed with a sealant tape. My splurge here - the new tap (mixer)! All our other cleaning materials are being kept underneath the sink in the two cabinets on the photo. Not on the above photo - there is another pull-out cabinet (under the drying rack) which houses our garbage bin.

This is the actual back door which leads to the clothes line and the general back-yard area.

A closer look at our hanging pole - It is mounted to the wall using a square bracket and hangs by a chain from the roof (which is secured to a stabilizer in the roof). This is strong enough to at least carry 15kg of weight!

The light is still the same one we installed when we built the room - adjustable to reach any corner of the room.

Lastly another free printable I found at PRACTICALLY FUNCTIONAL.NET. I used an old frame which belonged to my late Dad, sprayed it, used some nice scrap book paper and stuck the print onto that.



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