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July 15, 2012


I had a patch of wall in my bedroom screaming for something.  First, I wanted to transfer the two pictures of Dimitri and Cheri onto canvas, but the resolutions weren't good enough - and I really like these specific photos. All of the pictures I used were printed from an inkjet printer.

Step by step : this started out as a cheap three-legged table, painted plain white, about 500mm in diameter.

I used PicMonkey to make the following {this was the opening song at our Wedding reception ! } I picked my favorite lines, our names and date of marriage  -  our bedroom has a beach theme, well sort of...we're getting there...

I ended up using this picture as well as 2 of the children with a separate picture above theirs {again done on PicMonkey} describing them as being the ANCHORS of our lives, which they are - xoxo to them!

When I'm working with Decoupage, Mod-Podge or any of their cousins, I always use a craft knife to cut out the edges {it gives a softer edge than when cutting with scissors, which in turn makes it easier to apply the coating as well as the blending - paper onto wood etc}

I started to paint "waves" {free-hand} roughly from top to bottom using ordinary craft paint -  dries within 10 minutes if thinly applied as I did.

Once I did all the wavy lines, I gently used sanding paper to make it look a little distressed - see bottom line.

I then started pasting the pictures {after I sprayed the fronts, with aerosol hairspray, to seal the ink from the inkjet printer} using Craft Varnish - works fine as a bonding, not only Sealing, and gently rolled all air bubbles out - starting from the middle outwards.

Repeated with all the other pictures and when I could feel all were dry, I started to apply the Craft Varnish, I did one coat - waited to dry about 20 minutes and repeated this process five times until smooth.

I wanted to use a thick rope around the sides {to fit in more with the beach-theme}, but decided to use what I had on hand, which was some blue/white nylon rope.  Not sure whether I am totally satisfied but I can always change that later. Thus far, I kinda like it.

Sooo, for the moment, this is what the wall looks like above our entertainment center - my MASTERPIECE hangs just a bit higher than eye-level.

We'll see whether I still like the blue/white Nylon rope next week, if not, I'll put a thick rope around {or I might be lucky and find an actual boat steering wheel ... }



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  1. Thanks for the follow - now following you back~

  2. Great idea to allow you to use the smaller photos that you really love! Hadn't thought to spray with hairspray for ink jet photos before modge podging...will definitely have try that next time!

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  4. I love how you used the table top in an unusual way.

    Thanks so much for sharing your project at our Finished Friday Link-Up.

  5. Another great idea, Linda! Looks easy enough for me to do :)

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