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June 20, 2012

Father's Day at the Nortje's

Sharing a few pics of Roy's Father's Day  -  TOP; Roy and our kids, Dimitri & Cheri

We had a small, very casual late lunch (with lots of dessert !)

All the attendees (obviously I'm behind the camera) - From left : Jacobus {turned 21 on Father's Day!!}, Dimitri, Daddy Roy, Cheri and her boyfriend of the past two years, Vince.

On the Menu ; Starters on sticks
                     ; Oxtail served with Basmati Rice (Roy's favorite)
                     ; Crispy Provolone Salad

Dessert Bar with some close-ups ; Decadent Chocolate Cake,  Chocolate Nutella Seashell Cupcakes, "Hamburger Cupcakes with Fries",  Cake Pops,  Lemon Cheesecake squares drizzled with chocolate,  Dad Rocks "Fudge",  Peppermint Crisp Tart and Chocolate dipped Fresh Strawberries.

Roy had been hinting for EVER a long time that he must have a Home Theatre System (just for the surround sound !) to use when he's playing Playstation .. yep, Playstation - the man is addicted to this {do you or your hubby use Playstation ?} Anyhow, that was his Father's Day gift and he's enjoying it thoroughly!

My Dad, Johan, passed away in 2008, but I was thinking about him all day, missing him. We had quite a special bond since the day I was born. When I was 9 months old, my Dad had to do a 3 month Army duty - I became very ill with bronchitis and the doctors actually told my Mom to let my Dad come home as they did not think I would make it.  Dad was home (I was too ill to be moved to a hospital and it was 1970) only for a couple of hours, when my fever broke and by the next day I was almost my old self ! Unbelievable, the bond which parents and their children share .. truly amazing.

My Father-in-law passed away in 2004 and I know he was in Roy's thoughts as well. 

I do however, think the worst was Jacobus's sadness on Father's Day. He turned 21 but had lost his father some years ago. My heart ached for this young guy which we have become to think of as one of our own.

Well, I did not really mean for this post to end on a sad note, but thing is, we celebrated Father's Day not only for Roy, but also all the Dads and Granddads no longer with us.

Hope every Dad worldwide were spoilt on this special day !



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