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June 28, 2012

A Lick of Paint

Just a quick post !

This was the little shower/toilet area in my old craft-/storage room. Ugly green paint, I know, wish I could tell you we bought the house like this - let's just say .. I went through a crazy, lunatic color phase ;-)  {That was years ago - I think I'm okay now..let's hope}

The old craft room is now Jacobus's bedroom and I couldn't let the poor guy live with that awful bathroom. I think it would've driven him bonkers!

Anyway, see the big difference - it looks lighter and even more spacious. (and clean)

Sometimes we want a change in a room, any room, and mostly it only needs a fresh lick of paint ! Start with that - have a look again and then decide whether the room really need all the extras you probably have on a list already.

I Know that's what I usually do - look at the room, suddenly a lot is just WRONG. The furniture or the tiles, even the door handles ... or more likely, I'll find fault with everything! Then a list is being made ...

My point is : First change the easier (and cheaper) stuff before deciding on changing a whole room's appearance.

ps: I did want to rip off all those tiles and replace it with something else - fortunately I thought of paint first, then decide what to do. Glad I did not remove the tiles, because even that looks new and fresh after the little paint job.

{do think twice or thrice about that list before you spend money on something that won't really make that big a difference}


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  1. It's amazing how a small change life paint could completely transform a room. Great job and it looks great!

    New follower via GFC

  2. I just wanted to let you know I featured you on the hop today: Keep up the good work!!!!


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