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May 26, 2012

Easy Yoghurt-sicles

This is something which, when you see it, it's like " .. why didn't I think of that .." !

I Got this idea, a couple of weeks ago, from Pinterest (of course..) and knew I have to try it and see if it really works, or will it be a watery, icy business - you know what I mean...

I used the "sticks" from my basic Popsicle maker - top right (but the wooden sticks will work just as well) - just pushed it right through the foil cover of the yoghurt cups. Popped it into the freezer compartment overnight and had one for breakfast the next morning.

When I bought the yoghurt, I specially wanted to test the creamy flavored ones. Well, the creamy taste was still there, no watery icy-ness, and I liked it even better than the standard yoghurt. It did not melt at all whilst eating, as is normally the case with most popsicles.

Point is: it was a great pin - glad I tried it - will definitely freeze some more!

Want to know what happened on the dining room table??  My little Chorkie girl, Chichi ! I was sitting at the top-end of the table busy with a crafty mess. (Post will follow once it's a craft again and not a mess).

Anyhow, I moved my very tall wineglass center piece to the one corner to have some more space to work with "the mess". Chichi decided to jump onto the chair and the table, she must've been curious about what I was doing - next moment - CRASH!!!! I nearly, you can guess what, myself, used some rather strong words .. but was out of my chair so quickly as Chichi was now on the floor, which was littered with shards of glass, picked her up and fortunately she was fine (just shaken).

I will not replace this particular type of center piece again as I already had to replace it after Roy and my son's friend, Jacobus broke the first one. Must be a sign - I. can. not. have. a. tall. wineglass. with. red pebbles(to resemble wine).in. my. house.

Now the BIG NEWS for today

We have a new PUPPY - a very cute Jack Russell.  He does not really have a name yet (T-Rex is an option). Dimitri is supposed to name him, we'll wait and see ... Chichi was very lonely after Peki and Demon died, and as she is still a puppy herself, the other 3 dogs are too old to play with her. So yeah, I thought it a good idea to get no-name-yet a new puppy.

In the photo top right, the puppy is sleeping next to me, Chichi, as you can see is not happy at all. This was on the first day - Second day, and they're already best friends!!!!!! The pic at the bottom right .. Dimitri is spoiling "puppy" with an empty (but still lickable.. haha) cup of vanilla custard. I know, I know, puppies are not supposed to get even a lick of that, but really...

The bigger photo: Puppy in the other dogs's foodbowl - oh my word, we forgot to hide it from him on the first day! He just got right into the bowl and started his self-found lunch - lucky for his little stomach and the fact that we caught him so quickly - he is okay and I gave him his own puppy food.

I'll be busy for a couple of days with "the mess" which I hope will actually turn out to be awesome nice and then do a post on that, but do not hold your breath!

Bye Bye for now (Almost midnight and Chichi is begging me to go to bed)

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